Wednesday, August 24, 2016

School Disco!

I'm not sure if we had a school disco when I was at primary school. I do have some kind of hazy memory of there being one, but I think it was held at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and essentially was just the school hall with all the lights on jigging around to a cassette recorder playing the Bay City Rollers, Slade or somesuch. I can't imagine I danced all that much.... dancing was strictly girls-only back then. I probably ran around longing for it all to end.

Nowadays I look at my two and they are both groovers. The school has a 'Dance Fever' programme to allow them to perfect their routines and after a few weeks preparation the kids are called into action at the school disco. Nowadays, rather than having Mrs Southall with a tinny-sounding cassette tape deck there's a proper sound system (our hall has Bose speakers) and a DJ. Or at least a cool 20 something with his baseball cap turned round and probably harbouring ambitions of being a proper DJ one day but starting off probably as far removed from Ibiza, Carl Cox and the like by playing Holy Trinity school hall to a bunch of rowdy under 12 year olds. Still I guess you can still shout 'Everyone hold your hands in the air' and imagine you're playing Pacha rather than Canberra.

The kids don't care. As well as a chance to show off their dance skills, there's a feast of sugary drinks and sweets to gorge on and loud music - what's not to like. The whole thing wraps up and parents take their kids home. In a few short years I guess there'll be mosh pits, people being sick up the corner and girls crying in the toilet. I guess then pick up time will be 3am rather than 8pm. fun. fun. fun.

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