Sunday, August 7, 2016

Big Boys Toys Preview

We went along to a preview of Big Boys Toys Expo - a big exhibition due to be held at Canberra's Epic Centre in a couple of weeks.

I wasn't sure exactly how much stuff we'd be able to try or whether we'd just be looking longingly at things, but as it turned out we had free reign on a whole host of things, from electric skateboards, to a first person drone experience to the chance to drive (or sit in) an RZR sports vehicle. There was other things there as well, including a chap from the Raiders and a beautiful Mustang car.

The kids loved all the toys and Audrey mastered the electric skateboard really quickly. She has her heart set on one for her birthday, but I'm thinking more of a push along one rather than a $1000 electric one!

We were all sad when the afternoon ended!

Here's some pics

Cool glasses which let you look through a camera on the front of a drone

This guy had ramped up a kid's go-cart so that it had ridiculous torque and the front wheels came off the ground. (No one could drive it apart from this guy as it was basically too dangerous!)

Audrey really got to grips with the electric skateboard (I fell off and really hurt my back!)

Eli preferred the version with the fat wheels (again electric)

I drove the one on the right, the kids took rides in the one on the left

Audrey loved it!

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