Sunday, August 14, 2016

78 storey treehouse

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are a bit of an institution in our household. Together the two guys (Andy the writer and Terry the illustrator) have penned probably 20 or 30 children's books. The books are quite madcap and feature a surfeit of fart jokes and slapstick humour. A few years ago the two of them started the (autobiographical?) Treehouse series describing their adventures living in a treehouse. Originally the tree started with 13 stories, but success  has led them to pump out new books on a regular basis (in multiples of 13) meaning that they're now up to the 78 storey tree house, which I guess (working things out on my figures) makes this latest one their 6th book. I rather suspect as a result they live in big luxury houses as a result (rather than in a treehouse)

On Friday we went along to the Canberra Theatre to talk about the story's latest incarnation. The theatre was packed and the queue to have you photo taken with the two authors was vast. Fortunately I'd booked early so our seats near the front afforded us a quick photo after their (very funny) show.

Afterwards we left the theatre and walked to the 'Forage' a trendy 'pop up' outdoor eatery place set up in the Melbourne building in the centre of Canberra. It was absolutely mobbed with people (which was kind of amusing as the building has gone through several facelifts and the take-away joints and cafes situated in the building have always failed - clearly the key lay in cooking the food in a tent, charging a premium for it, and making people eat outside). Either way the kids enjoyed a gourmet sausage before we headed back (noting that there was still a huge line of people waiting to be snapped with Andy and Terry!)

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

The two entertain the crowd

The kids laughing at their heroes

Gourmet sausages on a chilly evening

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