Monday, August 29, 2016

Audrey's 9th Birthday

The birthday's are rattling along now. I can't believe our little girl is already 9.

Audrey wanted desperately to have a group of friends for a sleep-over (but I couldn't face it!) so in the end we opted for an afternoon ice skating at the nearby ice rink. Audrey and her friends got along ever so well and there were no broken bones to report (just a fair few blisters from the dodgy hire-shoes)

It's funny(?) listening to the girls natter on, and listening to what is important to them. Eli managed to fix up a play-date with a couple of his mates away from the girls (so it worked out perfectly for everyone!)

Here's a few pictures of our afternoon. I really missed Amy today, not least as she would have helped clear up :) but also because I know she went to extraordinary measures to be at Audrey's 7th birthday. She would have been so amazed to see how big her little girl has become.

Audrey's 'Total Girl' magazine cake

The gang in skates

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