Saturday, May 28, 2016

National Capital Rally

The National Capital Rally rolled into town this weekend. It's part of the Australian Rally Championships and there are three days of events across the city. 

The event hasn't been widely publicised and when the three of us took a drive out to a stage in nearby Kowen forest I couldn't believe that a) it was free and b) there was only a scattering of people there.

It was a bright and clear morning but there was a real chilly wind blowing from the mountains - heralding signs that the ski season will soon be upon us.

Our excellent vantage point allowed us to watch cars as they tore through the forest, leaped over a humpback bridge and skidded precariously through a switchback corner. We could also see the cars tearing along a long straight in the distance.

The first couple of cars threw big stones from the track towards us (we got covered in dirt and debris) but fortunately the following cars were either going slower or the initial ones had cleared off the loose stuff.

We spent most of the morning watching the cars from various spots until the cold wind got the better of Eli (and me). Audrey loved it all though - especially my running commentary whenever there was a white car that the driving was akin to me trying to get both her and Eli to school before the morning bell goes.

We left as the last couple of cars were going through and drove back along the dirt road to the main highway. Having watched the thrills and spills on the track (one of the competitors had rolled their car on the Friday night) it was tempting to emulate the drivers as we returned home. I tried not to, but perhaps I did skid round one of the corners..just a little bit.

Now without two front teeth!

Audrey the petrolhead?

Close to the action

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