Monday, May 2, 2016

Click goes the heating

There's a 'thing' in Canberra that you don't turn the heating on until Anzac Day (25th April). In nearly 8 years of living in Canberra we'd never managed it, usually cracking up in mid April, or coinciding the switch-on with the arrival of the first of the snow on the distant Brindabellas. I guess the only exception is our first winter in the house when we survived with virtually no heating (the house had really dodgy wiring when we bought it).... and have pictures of the kids eating breakfast wearing beanies and jackets. not good.

The weather this year though has been un-seasonally warm and as we approached the 25th I shrugged off the occasional cold morning knowing that the day time temperatures would most likely warm things up.

We made the 25th April easily and my new target was set as May. We made that one too! I was excited(!) to see how far we could get.

Sadly the last couple of nights have been pretty chilly with the outside temperature dropping down to single figures. It lead to a conversation over dinner with me and the kids when they started quizzing me about when the heating would be switched on.

I brought up Ray Mears (of whom we are all fans) and I suggested that he would be able to make a shelter outside and would dispense of the need of the heating. In reply both Audrey and Eli reminded me that he probably sleeps in a warm hotel bed after he's done his filming.

This morning the bedroom was pretty chilly and the kids hands and faces were noticeably cold. I figured I'd probably proved my point. The house feels so much nicer at 21 degrees. Next year we'll get to June.

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