Monday, May 16, 2016

Pegasus Open Day

There's a lovely charity in Canberra called Pegasus. They offer riding for the disabled. Their property is on the outskirts of town and the stables and showring there give way to ranging fields and hills. The city is gradually catching up with the place, and before too long it will probably be swallowed up by housing and a shopping centre built on top of it, but for now it's a picturesque piece of town.

Pegasus opens their doors every year to allow you to have a look around. They've got probably 15 or 20 horses and they're really cared for. You don't get a chance to ride them (as they are rightly saved for disabled riders), but there's plenty of patting to be done and the horses are paraded round the show-ring.

This year they also had some miniature horses which you could pat or generally coo over. We visited Pegasus after swimming - it was a sunny autumnal day and the kids had loads of fun.

Audrey patting Tully

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