Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mount Stromlo

We're so lucky to have the Mount Stromlo bike track on our doorstep. The kids both learnt to ride their bikes on the Criterium Track at the bottom of the hill, and the area is growing in popularity in part because of the huge numbers of houses being built in nearby Molonglo Valley. The carpark is increasingly full of MAMILS (middle aged men in lycra). 

We drove over with our bikes on Saturday afternoon (which was warm and still) and Eli said how keen he was to 'go on some dirt'.

To satisfy his quest we rode out along a track until we reached 'The Playground'. It's a circular route designed to allow you to test your mountain bike skills on a number of obstacles. There was some fun stuff there like seesaws which you rode your bike on to.

Eli had more nerve than me and Audrey and he took on a few of the challenges. At one point he fell off a beam a couple of feet off the ground and his bike then followed him and landed on him. Undeterred Eli rode over a series of humps (which Audrey and I didn't) but on his second trip he came unstuck despite his bravery and he had a spill which badly grazed his back and broke the brake cable on his bike.

We limped back down the hill. Despite the injuries (I clocked my leg with my pedal) it was still a fun (and free) afternoon out. 

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