Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kowen Forest

I've been meaning to go to Kowen Forest for sometime. It's one of those places you go past (to the coast in this case) and think you really should stop off and see what is there.

Eli has recently got a new gear bike and his confidence on it has grown considerably over the last couple of weeks. We've been lucky to have two long weekends in a row and so on Sunday the three of us headed off to Kowen Forest to have a look at some of the bike trails there.

It was a lovely sunny and still afternoon. The kids were hot and bothered at first and reluctantly climbed a couple of large hills. We were rewarded at the top though with a long downhill track (called 'Kids stuff') which took us down through the forest back to the car park in Sparrow's Hill.

The tracks were well maintained and we only saw four or five other cyclists on the afternoon we were there.

I'm not much of a mountain biker - in fact my standard wasn't much above there's. Audrey shot off through the woods, expertly steering round rocks and trees. Eli was more tentative and came a cropper a few times. It was great fun though and we all slept well when we reached home.

Negotiating a downhill

too steep for little legs

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