Monday, October 26, 2015

Morning at the Glassworks

I think it's fair to say that we're pretty big fans of Canberra glassworks. The glassworks occupies an historic power station building in Canberra and is really interesting due to the building itself, the artwork it produces and also the ability to get up-close and chat with artists.

I think what makes us particularly fond of the place is that Audrey was the competition winner of last year's kid's glass design competition with her "Seven nosed rainbow nincompoop" plate.

We were invited back on Saturday to help launch the 2015 competition (we actually secretly harbour a desire to defend our title for another year).

It was great to help out and we got to once again meet and chat to the really talented (and very friendly) glass artist Lisa Cahill (who made Audrey's artwork).

Afterwards (and completely by surprise) we were asked if we wanted to make some glass tiles - the kids had so much fun and we also made some small brass cut-outs which were mounted in balls of glass to make paperweights. Eli made a swirly pattern, Audrey a cat.

Brass in glass.

We now declare the 2015 kid's design competition open (only don't actually enter it 'cause we want to win again)...

Audrey meets Lisa Cahill again

making a glass tile

Audrey's snow leopard (the glass will now melt onto the tile)

Football mad Eli

Loading our designs into the kiln

Our brass designs being added to glass

The hotshop

Outside in the sun.

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