Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stand up for Refugees Rally

Australia has a terrible record on how it manages refugees and asylum seekers. Processing is done 'offshore' and anyone found to be a legitimate refugee or asylum seeker is not settled in Australia, but shipped off elsewhere.

Sadly both main parties have unerringly similar policies about how we treat people from overseas.

There was a rally on Sunday to protest about it. As well as highlighting the human rights violations on Manus and Nauru rallies are also a great chance to have a jolly good shout about something. The kids went along and enjoyed waving their placards but didn't enjoy the 'march' quite so much as the trailing snake of probably around 2,000 people took us all over town.

The ice creams at the end cheered them up no end.

Toby Gunn (save the children whistleblower) described some of the awful conditions he had witnessed in Nauru

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