Monday, October 5, 2015

Google Visually Similar Images

A couple of weeks ago following a trip to Mount Stromlo I took this selfie and was sad how completely old and un-fit I looked compared to how young and athletic I thought I looked in my head... I had after all cycled at least 400 metres that afternoon.

To my delight I found that Google now has a 'Visually Similar Images' option (which matches your picture to one that looks the 'same'), so thought I'd put it through its paces. Who knows how the algorithm works or how it figures things out, but having 'looked' at our picture this is what it threw out...

This was more like it...much cooler. Audrey wouldn't be happy that she's become a guy and in doing so lost her long blonde hair but she has at least kept her blue helmet. Eli in fairness does struggle a bit on the uphills and in my mind the dude in the middle (who looks like he's still got tons to spare on the hill) was exactly how I expected to look in my first picture....Look - he's even got dark shorts on - just like me!

This one was good too - it's decided Eli's red shirt casts him as Spiderman. I'm more than happy being Superman especially one that's so much skinner than me. I think Audrey would be sad about being batman though. A big risk for these father's for justice guys (?) is getting their capes stuck in their spokes.

And I thought this one was good too - the addition of the horses would have made the track a whole lot easier - especially that uphill bit.I'm not sure which rider looks most like me - perhaps it thinks I look like a horse? Either way it doesn't look too comfy a ride!

I'm not really sure what the purpose of Visually Similar Images is especially if this is what sort of stuff it throws up. If nothing else it's good for stroking the ego, but perhaps not for using in a spot-the-difference competition.

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Patrick Davies said...

Love it. Must try this.