Saturday, August 22, 2015

Audrey's 8th Birthday

I can't believe our little girl is 8! She is growing into an independent (and sometimes outspoken!) young girl. It's lovely seeing her grow up, but also a little sad that this was her first birthday party without her Mum.

Audrey had decided to celebrate her birthday with a ten pin bowling party.

There were nine girls (and five boys) in all and everyone really enjoyed themselves. After a game of bowling which both Audrey and Eli did really well at, we retired to the party room for nuggets and chips and Katy Perry cake! and then onto the amusement arcade in the bowling alley.

I must admit I'd been sceptical at first when Audrey had suggested bowling as a theme/venue, but actually it was really well organised, good fun and also meant that you could walk away at the end of the party and leave some of the mess behind. The kids were all really well mannered (a Dad remarked how surprised he was to see how well all the kids behaved), everyone (kind of) understood the scoring system (a bit difficult to grasp even as an adult) and no one sent balls down the wrong alley or ran down to try and kick the skittles over. I'm not sure I was so well behaved as an 8 year old.

Oh yeah, and someone scored 125. That must have been me (although I must admit having the 'bumpers' down the side of the lanes probably scored me an extra point or two!

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Katy Perry Cake!

Audrey and her friends (Claire, Amber and Sophia)

the boy's end of the table! (Elliot and Alexander)

Encouraging positive behaviour through play

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