Tuesday, August 25, 2015

School Disco

The day before Audrey's birthday the kids enjoyed their school disco. Somehow or another we've managed to go every year. The kids do enjoy the night out as it involves a big dark hall, playing loud music while they run/dance around with their mates eating junk food. What is there not to like!

I remember one year they allowed parents to drop their kids off and disappear off. By the end of the evening the hall resembled purgatory with kids high on sugar running around crazily unsupervised while La Vida Loca played in the background with the volume turned up to 11. Not good. The last couple of years have been more sedentary due to increased supervision but the night remains still ever so slightly manic.

Inevitably and without trying, Eli woos a whole collection of girls who follow him around throughout the night. Here's a short video of him getting into the groove.

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