Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tree planting at the Cotter

To celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, the four of us went to the Cotter with the local 'See-Change' gang - lead by our neighbours Phil and Nina (and Greening Australia) to plant native trees.

We've been in previous years and the kids were old hands at digging holes and planting saplings. Amy and I probably planted 20 or so plants - in all the area was re-planted with around 400 native trees.

Highlight of the day for Eli was my discovery of a small skink. It's also worth mentioning the fantastic scones and jam we were all treated to at the end.

It was a beautiful day - the small valley we were situated in was a bit further than we'd been to before into the Cotter. We drove back along the Uriarra Road which I think is one of the most scenic roads near to Canberra. Hopefully the urban spread near Mount Stomlo won't expand too much further.

Here's some pics;

A wattle prepares to be planted

one more sapling in the ground

Eli wielding a mattock!

Audrey looking at a wombat hole

One day all this will be covered in trees

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