Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sydney Easter Show

We bought an excellently priced CountryLink package which gave us a return train trip to Sydney, 2 nights accommodation and entrance and travel to the Sydney Easter Show.

As our kitchen is currently undergoing renovations we seized on the chance to get away from the mess and destruction(!) and at 6.40am on Good Friday morning (having miraculously survived a death defying taxi ride in a taxi driven by a driver who had been driving for 16 hours!) we boarded a train to Sydney.

The train was about to pull away and poor Eli was sick onto his lap (fortunately there were good supplies of tissues and plastic bags and the poor boy continued to be ill throughout the rest of our 5 hour trip). Eli was then tired and lethargic for the rest of the day – not even terribly excited by our hotel room and big tele. We sat and watched Puss in Boots which Audrey enjoyed and re-enacted ‘soft paws’ for the rest of the day.

Fortunately by Saturday Eli was back on his feet and the four of us headed out to the Easter Show. Huge crowds of people weaved their way to Olympic Park but our CountryLink ticket provided a short cut through a turnstile and we were soon in. It’s a vast show – with rides (the obligatory show bags – which we avoided) and tents of animals, crafts and food.

We did some wool craft(!) and then we watched some heifers competing for a prize in a large tent. The cattle were in attendance with young teenage boys and girls – Audrey loved one of the girls and after the show was over went over to her to say that she wanted her to win (she finished 2nd). We then headed to the main Sydney showground arena.

It was difficult to get a seat at first, but when we did we were treated to some motorbike tricks – incredible overhead somersaults. It’s awful to say, but as an adult the attraction of these things is in the accidents(!) but viewed through a child’s eyes it was the most amazing show ever. Audrey and Eli stood and applauded. We watched some considerably more sedate show jumping and then headed slowly for the exit taking in more animals (alpacas) along the way.

It was a great show. I don’t think we’ll make it an annual trip but we’ll definitely be back in a few years.

The next day we spent in and around the pool – both the kids loved the roof top pool which despite being Autumn was still a lovely temperature.

The train journey home was long – we were joined by a couple of enthusiastic kangaroos who hopped alongside the train as it came back in to Canberra station. The taxi ride home was similarly scary and reminiscent of the one we had taken a couple of days earlier. Fortunately we got back on Sunday evening ready for a day’s rest before school and work.

A woolen caravan!

craft time!

motorbike in the sky!

tired boy

Audrey eats noodles in China town

good old CountryLink!

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