Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fantastic Feijoas

There’s an alleyway near where we live which has five feijoa bushes growing (out of the tarmac) in it.

If you’re not familiar with the feijoa (which I wasn’t until a couple of years ago) it’s a small fruit about the size of a small chicken egg with a taste somewhere between a kiwi, lemon and pineapple. They’re tangy, and a little gritty(!) but also strangely ‘fizzy’!

I’ve taken a couple of trips up there to pick windfalls (the fruit is ripe when it falls off the bush) and the other night the kids accompanied me and by torchlight we excitedly picked up over 50 fruit.

There’s a variety of ways to eat them, but the kids love having them in half and scooping the fruit out (like a kiwi fruit). I’ve also drunk the juice, once pure (which was very syrupy) and a second time mixed with pear juice (which was just about perfect!)

On Sunday we were also given another stash of the fruit (from someone’s garden who had too many) so we’ve been eating feijoas with every meal! Here's some pics of our feijoa hunt!

back from our hunt!
up close feijoas

Eli admires our work

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