Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eli's 4th Birthday

It's hard to believe our little boy is 4. Time goes so quickly.

Like many four year olds Eli loves Thomas the Tank Engine and so it seemed appropriate that we'd take him to Kingston Model Railway.

We hadn't been before - the tracks are tucked away behind exclusive apartments - an oasis of 'old' Canberra in the midst of expensive developments.

The railway is staffed by volunteers - almost exclusively old blokes. Most of them deaf, but clearly all fervent train enthusiasts and all of them equally happy to see their trains used by the groups of childrens' parties who came to use the trains which they lovingly run and maintain. It's a long track which weaves around the grounds and great fun for adults and kids alike.

We had booked a table and barbecue. All shaded under trees. We were blessed with beautiful Autumnal weather (25 degrees) and our lovely friends came with their kids and shared the day.

Eli was so excited to see all of his mates in one place. A few from school, a few from his daycare days and a few people we knew along the way. I think we had 15 little boys and girls there in all.

The barbecue was a hit (although in truth the kids preferred the party food to the more 'sensible' sausages) and Eli loved his Thomas the Tank engine cake. Amy had made it and I had decorated it. It took 3 attempts to get the face of the engine look ok - the first couple gave Thomas a slightly sinister grin!

Even after the party had ended (and a few stray balloons had floated away above the trees) Elijah was still on cloud nine. Happy Birthday little boy.

Leo, Eli (mucking around) and Darcy

Eli grinning by his cake

Chloe, Tommy (with Jack in the background)

Remy looking cool

Tricky blowing the candle out in the wind!

All aboard!
Eli with his mate Ryan

Audrey peeking

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