Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Royal Wedding (WOTPM)

Fortunately being in Australia at the time of the recent Royal Wedding (waste of tax payers money) the coverage (although extensive) was I imagine, muted compared to that in the UK. I read that the British press went completely over the top during the build up, surpassed only by the British retailers who used it as an excuse to flog a load of plastic stuff to the public.

Everyone's got an opinion on the wedding, variously loving it, loathing it or loathing it but secretly loving Kate's dress.

One girl who was definitely affected by it all was Audrey. After insisting we watched the "Wedding thing" on TV, she picked up a copy of the Royal Wedding Souvenir Edition of the Women's Weekly (Australia's biggest selling women's magazine) at my work the other day and has barely put it down. Poor Amy has had to leaf through every single page with an excited Audrey, who questions her on every page and every detail. Obviously picking out William, Kate, Harry et al is easy, but who the heck was the boss-eyed flower girl anyway?

Audrey insisted on taking her new magazine to bed and fell asleep with it, dreaming no doubt of Princesses and fairy-tale weddings.

In bed with the Women's Weekly

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Dad said...

Wonderfully funny Trevor. I think you should write a column for the Express and Star. We need something to pick us up after being given a paper full of the IMF man. How does he do it at his age he looks knackered to me.