Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Night Zoo

Amy was in Adelaide this weekend so I had the kids for 3 days. They were both really well behaved and after seeing mum off at the airport on Friday evening they were happy to potter around with me until Amy (thankfully!) returned on Monday evening.

On Saturday I took them both to 'The Night Zoo' a theatre production at Canberra's excellent 'Street Theatre'. It's only a smallish venue, but it was packed to the rafters with parents and toddlers similarly enjoying live theatre. It was aimed at children 4-11, so I was a bit worried whether Eli would last the pace, but both him and Audrey sat agog throughout the 45 minute performance.

It was a puppet show, really cleverly 'acted'(?) out by a couple of perfomers. Unsurprisingly for a play entitled 'The Night Zoo' it featured masses of animals from meercats to a giraffe to a very well performed orangutan. At one stage there was even a full size (puppet) elephant - who did a poo on stage - and left the whole audience in fits of giggly laughter. It's funny how poo/wee is so amusing as a toddler, (and let's face it as an adult too).

I think probably the most lovely thing about the play was that Audrey repeated whole sections of it to me the next day, it had clearly struck a chord and yes, both her and Eli vividly remembered the 'poo' scene.

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