Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Magnificent Defeat

Alarm set 12.45am. Crawled out of bed. Cold house. ‘Survival Sunday’. Should have been easy. Beat Blackburn, stay up. Molineux packed. Half time 3-0 down. Back to bed? Results going against us. Blackpool beating Man U. Last Premiership game for a while. 20 years? Come on Mick do something! Don’t concede a 4th or it’s completely over. Second half. Spurs score. Man United score. Relief. O’Hara scores 1-3. Lovely goal. Blues equalise. Wigan score. Blackpool beating Man United again(!). Disaster. Chasing the game. 5 minutes left. What a waste. Laughing stock. Man U winning. We only need ONE goal. Stephen Hunt curls it into the top corner. CURLS IT INTO THE TOP CORNER. Spurs score another in injury time. No time left. Full-time around the grounds. We are Premier League. WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE! I share the elation with people 10,000 miles away and punch the air. 3am. Back to bed. Tired Monday.


Dad said...

Oh Trevor!
You are funny I enjoyed the football bit. I hope we can keep in the Premier division, It's one of the bright bits of the City. About a third of the shops in Town are closed for lack of business.
I wish we would leave other nations to rule themselves. I regularly weep for our soldeirs killed from behind a rock in Afghanistan

Tim Sheedy said...

It was much easier on my blood pressure reading the results when I got up in the AM. Hope all is well with yourself and family.