Sunday, October 30, 2016

Crazy Saturday

I'm kinda used to rushing around after the kids, but Saturday got a bit extreme due to Audrey's impeding dance concert. She's been working so hard to make the routine she's working on a success and is so excited that me and Eli are going along to watch her on the stage at Canberra Theatre in a couple of weeks.

Our diary on Saturday therefore looked something like this...

9am Swimming
11.30 Dance rehearsal no.1
(grocery shopping while Audrey was dancing)
(Audrey haircut immediately following first rehearsal)
1.45 drop Elijah at his mate's for indoor football
2.15 Audrey's horse riding lesson
2.30 watch Eli's football game
3.15 collect Audrey from horse riding
3.30 make-up Audrey's face(!)
3.45 Dance rehearsal no.2

We had a little tick-sheet and the kids helped me tick things off the list as we went!

Afterwards we headed into Yarralumla for the excellent Nara festival - celebrating all things Japanese- it seemed to be much bigger this year with a couple of stages and plenty of food and entertainment. We then had a couple of little boys stay-over for a sleep-over and had (by comparison) a relatively relaxed Sunday! (with only football training and a party!)

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