Monday, October 3, 2016

Uriarra Crossing

We like it at Uriarra Crossing. It's only a short 20 minute drive out of town and Sunday was gloriously sunny, so we headed out for a BBQ with some friends.

We've had a really wet Autumn and so the river that runs through the area and feeds into the Cotter, is torrential at the moment. In summer we often swim or paddle in the river, but the water thundered by on Sunday and the small rocks we often play on were submerged under several metres of water.

Still the banks were (relatively) dry, and despite a couple of aggressive magpies who tried to swoop us (Eli hates magpies) we cooked sausages and played with my new rocket :)

Here's some pictures.

The 'Airburst rocket' I bought it for the kids (honestly!)
Often this is only a small stream
The kids with their mates

The banks of the river were covered in Californian Poppies - so beautiful.

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