Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eli's School Christmas Picnic

I took a day off to go and help out at Eli's school Christmas picnic in nearby Weston Park.

Eli loved having me there and we all excitedly boarded the bus which arrived without incident.

Once there we staked our claim on a small area, the kids had snacks and then we headed for two laps of the small model railway that is in the park.

Afterwards it was lunch - which featured a surprise visit from Father Christmas then play time in the water and climbing areas.

The kids had a great time. It was great seeing Eli with his school mates. They're all between 4 and 5 but vary greatly between a few hunking boys and a couple of tiny miniscule girls. I think I was a novelty act who carried none of the weight of authority that the teachers did.

Eloise, Eli's teacher is fabulous. I'm not sure what she's paid but whatever it is she should be about triple of what it is.

Here's some pictures

Eli (4th from left) having his snack

Eli second from left with his mates

Mica and Darcy

Evelyn and Eli

Eli enjoying a sausage

A visit from santa

whacking the pinata

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