Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dr. Stovepipe

We went along to the final "Guerrilla Gig" of the year - this time in Canberra's North - Corroborree Park. It was our 4th out of 9. It's been a nice series - gigs take place in 'secret' locations around Canberra and you're only given a few hours warning as to where they're going to be.

This week's gig was performed by Dr. Stovepipe, who played their set from an old car. It was a lovely sunny day and the shady spot they'd picked was fantastic. We sat and listened to the music. Eli made friends with a friendly ladybird who crawled over his hands for quite a while before he let him go back into the grass.
It was a foot-tapping brand of music - the musicians were really accomplished and the lady on the fiddle was excellent. They told jokes and made wise-cracks between the fast-tempo-ed music which was as diverse as 'King of the Swingers' a song from Sesame Street and an East European gypsy song.
Here's some pics.
That's us on the left (in a blue t-shirt)

Me with Eli and Audrey (right hand side)


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