Thursday, July 4, 2013

Update on Amy

I went to see the registrar at the hospital on Tuesday morning to get the results of my scans and to find out what the next stage of my treatment would be. The scans showed that both cancer in the bones and in the liver is stable (hasn't shrunk but hasn't grown either). This was a relief as I'd been on a 'chemo holiday' for 5 weeks due to the nueropathy in my hands and feet. Neuropathy is nerve damage which causes numbness. The best way I can describe it is that it's similar to when your feet 'go to sleep' but, in this case, mine never wake up! Anyway, I had expected the cancer to have run rampant in the break so it was relief to get these results.

So, the next step in my treatment is to try another hormone treatment, rather than chemo. There is a combination drug which isn't currently available on the PBS (similar to UK NHS) but I was fortunate to receive compassionate access to it - which means I don't have to shell out $4000 odd a month as the pharmaceutical company will cover it. For those interested, the drugs are Afinitor and Aromasin. Afinitor is the one not listed on the PBS. I started taking the tablets on Thursday and will now wait to see if I am hit with one of the many side effects listed on the product leaflet. The most common are mouth ulcers, nausea and fatigue. Hooray! Then I wait and see if the drugs are doing their job.

I go to see my new oncologist on 26 July but it will be too early to tell much by then. This will be more of a chance to get to meet with him and discuss my history etc. My original oncologist has gone to Canada for 8 months. I'll miss her as she's been with me from the start but, who knows, a new set of eyes might be just the thing I need to keep the cancer stable (or, even better, make it go away!)

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