Sunday, July 28, 2013

Play School at the Albert Hall

TV-wise our children have pretty much grown up on a diet of Play School. Sadly dropped by the BBC in the UK the programme still attracts wide support here in Australia.

I've just looked up the Play School website and it says the programme's objective is to encourage a child "to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine" and in my opinion it achieves that hands down.

Play School has a touring show which comes round every year or so and we caught the show in Canberra on our return from holiday.

In truth the show is probably aimed mostly at pre-schoolers so kids are getting a (little) bit old now so (sadly) this might be our last trip to see them, but we may just be able to squeeze another one in next year hopefully!

There's a rotating cast of presenters. This time we were entertained by Rachael and Alex (a Playschool stalwart) and they kept things moving along with songs and jokes (some for the parents too) during the 50 minute show. Of course the 'big 4' (Humpty, Big Ted, Little Ted and Jemima) take star billing with the gift shop selling replicas of your heroes at the back of the hall that seems to have grown ever bigger as the years have passed. This time the kids left empty handed - we'd already purchased much of the merchandise from previous shows(!)

It was great fun though. Both Audrey and Eli danced and laughed through the show and I hope we can get another one in next year!

Here's a few pictures

Audrey and Barbie(s) get ready for the show

Eli watching Humpty on stage

Eli and his Mum

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