Sunday, July 28, 2013

Real Construction

Eli's mate Leo bought him a 'Real Construction' set for his birthday in April. It was one of those toys that needed time investing in it and so we 'put it away' until we could give it some time and poor Eli has been desperate to play with it since then. We'd promised him that we could do it on a 'rainy day' and so he endured several months of looking out of the window and asking us if it was raining. There was never ANY worry of him forgetting about it.

Today was a quiet Sunday afternoon and so the two of us finally opened the excellent kit and started work.

The pack uses foam to act like toy wood and you can fashion pretty much anything from it. There's a range of plastic nails and screws to hold things together. It's obviously super-safe - I guess you could hit your thumb with a hammer but not much else.

We spent a nice time variously cutting, hammering and screwing things. We made a really good digger which both son and Dad were pleased with. Mum and Audrey returned from the shops and like good tradesmen everywhere Eli and I downed tools and enjoyed a well earned tea break.

It was definitely worth the wait and Eli loved it - there's also plenty of 'wood' left for future projects.

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