Monday, March 25, 2013

Catholic Schools Soccer Carnival

It’s taken me nearly five years to ‘adjust’ to calling Football, ‘Soccer’ even now I wince when I have to use the word and I’m trying to instil to the kids that ‘the beautiful game’ is called football and the other stuff is rugby and Aussie Rules. Alas I think as they’re surrounded by people using the term ‘soccer’ so I think I’m on a loser.

Sunday was the Catholic Schools ‘Soccer’ Carnival – Audrey and Eli's school was organiser this year and did a fantastic job. The organisation is no small feat (although there were plenty of small feet kicking footballs….geddit?) as there were over 1,300 children of all ages and abilities taking part.

Teams were mixed and played across 21 pitches – in addition there were fairground rides, biscuit stalls, ice creams, a full canteen serving sausages, eggs and other treats – it was a fantastic day.

Audrey and Eli played in the pee-wees tournament (for children in year 1 and below). It wasn’t part of the main tournament but billed as an ‘exhibition’ game. Eli was nominated captain for his team (perhaps because the teacher saw him dressed in his Wolves shirt) but burst into tears almost as soon as the whistle blew for kick-off (shades of Italia ’90). As a result poor Amy had to hold his hand for much of the game, with the two of them tearing up and down the pitch. He was happy to be goalkeeper on his own and boasted afterwards about a particularly crunching tackle he’d made on a ‘big boy’. Audrey played her part too. Sometimes I think she was baffled by the game (as hoards of little kids ran swarm-like after the ball) but both said how much they had enjoyed playing. We played 4 games. I’ve no idea what the score was. I know one was 2-2 at some point. As parents we all commended ourselves with the main success that nobody had picked the ball up and run with it.

We watched some of the ‘main’ competition as we ate our lunch. It’s another school’s turn to organise next year, but hopefully the ‘Soccer’ tournament will become a part of our annual calendar.

This photo doesn't really do the event justice as there were pitches (and people) everywhere!

Captain Eli!

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