Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Balloon Spectacular!

Canberra’s annual hot air balloon show is on at the moment. Eli woke up about 5.30am this morning so the two of us headed off into the dark, to the lawns by Old Parliament House where it takes place each year.

When we arrived the place was relatively deserted – apart from a big tent selling hot breakfasts (Eli gleefully ate a sausage and bread) and we found everyone in a briefing tent nearby. The tent was full of ballooning-types and a guy at the front explaining that the weather for the day would be clear and fine but also said that there was a wind at 300 metres that had the potential to blow the balloons across the airport. As a result the take-off would happen at Mount Stromlo (15 mins drive away).

Lots of 4x4s pulling hot air balloon trailers sped off and Eli and I followed in hot pursuit. Mount Stromlo is a lovely place (only slightly spoilt by the impending Molonglo housing development) and it didn’t take long for the balloons to be unpacked and inflated.

Amongst their number (I think there was around 30 balloons) was a great Darth Vader balloon, a turtle, a peacock and a lion. The sun rose over the hills and they sailed over Woden Valley in the distance. Eli fell asleep in the car on the drive home (arrived home 8am).

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