Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update on Amy

I had scans last week to see if the chemo regime I have been on has been doing what we hoped it would do - i.e. shrink the tumours in my liver/stop further growth.  Unfortunately, this was not the case and the scans showed further progression in my liver.  On the up side, there was no further spread to any other organs.  So back to the drawing board and on to a new chemotherapy regime.  This time it will be weekly.  I'll be scanned after 2-3 months to see what's happening.  Fingers crossed this time this one will work for me!  I had my first round of the new chemo on Tuesday and so far, so good.  No nausea, just the tiredness - but I wonder if that's the drugs or the two children who keep me on the go all day!

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