Saturday, December 15, 2012

Audrey's School Christmas Concert

On Friday we all went along to watch Audrey perform in the school concert (her debut role was a chicken).

'The Magical Christmas Jigsaw' starred the entire school in some role or another, so it was a pretty big undertaking and the hall was packed with parents armed with cameras/iphones to record the special few seconds of their offspring singing/talking.

Audrey did us proud and Eli was absorbed watching throughout the show. Audrey spotted us waving in the crowd at the end and nearly walked off the stage, fortunately being 'saved' by Jess her teacher. We felt it was taking the expression 'break a leg' a bit too literally. There was a nice barbecue in the playground afterwards, even the rain couldn't dampen the post-show party spirits.

before the show practicing her 'clucking'

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