Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eclipse over Canberra

A few years ago I watched a full solar eclipse in the UK (while sat on a rib boat in the middle of the English channel) it was a breathtaking experience. The moon covered the sun entirely and as the dark spread from the horizon over our heads we lept to our feet and impulsively cheered it was incredible.

When I heard that there was going to be an eclipse viewable from Canberra I was always going to go.

Audrey has taken to waking up quite early (5.30am-6am) and so being at the top of Mount Stromlo for 7am to view the event was made all the easier for us (!). There were probably about 40-50 others when we reached the summit of nearby Mount Stromlo, I'd heard a scientist from Canberra announcing the impeding eclipse on the radio on the way there so both Audrey and I were pretty excited even before we got there.

There was quite a lot of cloud around, but it moved away to reveal the sun and the moon. Canberra only saw a 62% eclipse, but armed with our cardboard glasses it was still pretty good. Audrey learnt a new word from the scientists and public stood around us "Spectacular!" which she used with great effect to describe the event to  Amy when we got home.

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