Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spring is on its way!

A lot of people in Canberra have been complaining about the severity of this winter. We have seen a particularly chilly winter with snow on the nearby mountains and several relatively hard frosts in the morning. For us though it was our first winter in Canberra with heating in our house, so the days of wearing hats and coats indoors while we eat our breakfast are hopefully behind us and we've actually found that the winter months haven't been too bad (even if I did get really cold hands on my bicycle ride to work)

We've got a couple of bunches of daffodils springing up around the garden - the kids like counting how many of them have opened up each morning and they're a cheerful reminder that warmer days (and nights!) are not too far away.

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Dad said...

I think that is lovely. We are about to sort out our bulbs ready for planting.
Love to you all Dad