Sunday, March 13, 2011

An update on Amy

Amy's now had 22 of her 25 radiation sessions. She's really looking forward to this Thursday, which will mark the end of her current session of radiation treatment.

As well as a lot tiredness she's also had quite a few days of sickness and nausea. Above all else, I also think she's completely fed up with going to the hospital every day for the last month. Although her treatment is pretty quick she's had a few days where she's had to hang around for over an hour before she got to see a nurse. All the staff at the hospital are really friendly and the level of care seems excellent.

I can't really speak for Amy, but the radiation has left much of her skin extremely red and sore. The skin has also really broken up under her arm and is giving her quite a bit of pain. It's pretty unpleasant really.

Thanks once again for everyone's kind wishes and offers of help. We've got Amy's folks with us until the 18th March. I suspect things will be quite tricky trying to juggle everything after that.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Amy...wish I could be there to help you out
Catherine xxx