Monday, March 14, 2011

My birthday with Bob

The four of us went to Commonwealth Park this afternoon to celebrate my birthday and also for the kids to see the Bob the Builder Show. We'd been talking about it (for perhaps a few too many days) which meant that both Audrey and Eli were pretty hyped up about seeing Bob 'live!'.

We were pretty lucky to arrive at a perfect time between shows so Audrey and Eli got to sit/stand right at the front of the stage with their friends Will and Abbey. By the time the show started the tent was packed to the rafters.

It was an action packed show (even though the machines were missing - something that Audrey complained bitterly about afterwards) and Audrey and Eli danced/clapped their way through the event. Afterwards a group of us ventured into Civic for a Chinese meal. A nice way to spend the day.The lovely cake Amy made me

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