Sunday, March 13, 2011

Music at Lanyon Homestead

I really like Lanyon Homestead. It's an old country house built as long ago as 1840 odd. It's still a working farm, albeit one owned (and I guess supported) by the ACT local government.

It's only a short drive out of Canberra. It must once have been really remote, but it is now being gradually consumed by urban sprawl. As you leave the main drive down to the homestead you can see new housing development (Conder) creeping up a nearby hill. In 20 years time the green fields which surround Lanyon will probably be inner-city and concreted over.

They've got a music festival there for the next two weekends. Not exactly Glastonbury, but a nice way to spend a pleasant evening. Amy's Dad, Ivor accompanied me and the kids. We ate chips and danced to the Rockabilly/Blues band. They always put on a really great craft tent for the kids which is a real bonus too. A herd of cows blocked our way on the drive home.

Eli heading away from the craft tent with his bag of goodies

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