Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Amidst everything else going on we did manage to get a Christmas Tree erected last weekend. Christmas trees are at a premium here in Australia with most people wisely opting for fake ones (which have the obvious benefit of not drooping or shedding needles.

The last couple of years I've always persuaded Amy to go for a real tree (here it is pictured). It doesn't look much like this any more as Eli can reach all of the lower branches and has removed all of the baubles, it's also looking distinctly more droopy with every day that passes.

We also had an amusing incident last week when Audrey opened the advent calendar sent to her by Grandma and Grandpa and exclaimed 'A fairy!' when she saw an angel underneath the 8th December. Wonder how the shepherds would have reacted to the "Fairy Gabriel" appearing to them?

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