Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Amy is out of theatre

I've just spoken with a pretty groggy Amy who came out of theatre around 7pm (EDT) after going in around 3pm.

The surgery all seems to have gone well although they've told her that in addition to the mastectomy the surgeon had to remove some of her lymph nodes which will make her more susceptible to Lymphodema after she recovers from the operation.

I'm taking the kids to see her in the morning, when I'm sure we'll know a bit more.

Thanks everyone for your kind words of support (along with all the other things) that you've sent us.


Catherine Doidge said...

Hi Trevor
thanks so much for the update..I have been thinking of Amy all day and wondering how it all went. Please send her all my love and give her a big kiss from all of us here
Love Catherine xxx\

Julie Vaughan said...

Hi Trevor,
Yes, thanks for keeping us informed, Amy has been constantly in my thoughts. I'm so glad the surgery went well, like Catherine, please give her a big kiss and hug.
Love Julie xx

jennie king said...

Dear Trev
Just opened your Christmas card and letter tonight back in Newbury and had to log back in to send you a message. Struggling through snow and freezin temperatures compares mildly to your news. Wishing Amy strength to cope with the treatment and our thoughts will be with you from your tennis friends back in blighty over Christmas. Our love to you all. Jenx

Anonymous said...

Hi Trev,

Amy has been in my thoughts all day, I am so glad she has come through the operation and all appears good so far. Please give all our love from a freezing cold Blighty, and good luck with everything. Take care mate, lots of love to you all from Bob, Di, Harry, George, Charlotte and Megan.xxx

Ambasada said...

Amy and Trevor,

We in Warsaw are all with you in our thoughts. Trevor, please give Amy a big hug from us, we all love her. Thanks for the update - please continue as we will be breathlessly waiting for news from you. Our dearest Amy, we believe you can beat it!
Marysia, Marcela and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor
Thanks for keeping us all informed.
Thinking of you all. Please give my love to Amy.
Love Denise xxx