Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home at last!

I finally got discharged late on Wednesday. I was told around 11am that I would probably be allowed to go home but it wasn't until 5:45pm that I was finally walking out the door.

Thanks to everyone for all the messages of support. It really kept me positive. The nurses at Calvary Hospital were fantastic too and really looked after me, keeping my spirits up and offering a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. I hope I never have to be in there again though! ;)

Hurrah! So lovely to be home with the gang and back in my comfy bed.


Ambasada said...

What a great message first thing in the morning:) Have a good and positive recovery at home and some rest in quiet time - if at all possible;)

Bob Lethaby's Blog said...

Great to hear you are back home with your family Amy, it sounds like the operation went well. Keep your spirits up, I was thinking of you all over Christmas. Don't let Trev taunt you too much about the cricket!! Best wishes, Bob x

andy said...

just made my day Amy.
love, kisses and lots of hugs.
Andy, Tam, Amélie and Félix xox

Dave Bull said...

Really good news Amy .. Trevor's Mum did a brilliant job in alerting us about this via my mum ... so all the best to you Trev and the Family.

All the very best Amy and also to Trev (Liverpool 0 - Wolves 1) - Dave and Family