Sunday, August 6, 2017

Towers of Tomorrow

We went to a really cool exhibition at the National Museum; 'Towers of Tomorrow' which was a representation of all of the world's largest (and landmark) buildings entirely made out of Lego. It was the work of one man (Ryan McNaught) who designs models for Lego (for a living). In all there were 12 buildings.
Most remarkable was the length that had been taken to ensure all buildings were architecturally correct - McNaught had worked with architectural drawings, as well as architects themselves to ensure that all of the dimensions and quirks of each building was accurately captured. Lego of course comes in a large number of colours (23 I think, but don't quote me) and on one building because the grey brick colour had been slightly 'off' they had lit the building differently to ensure it was as close as possible to the real thing.

There was a ton of lego bricks as well, so you could try your hand at making your own building which the kids loved - Audrey and I built Big Ben. The exhibit has been travelling around Australia and was extremely popular. Lego is so ubiquitous and its popularity is so broad that there was queues of people there when we visited the exhibition on the first weekend, and I was glad we had booked ahead.
a model of Burj Khalifa (in Dubai)

Our model of Elizabeth Tower (aka Big Ben)

Empire State Building

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