Sunday, July 30, 2017

Times when I miss you most

It rained on Sunday when we were outside and some distance from our car, I grimaced and pulled my hood up, but as the wet drops fell onto our heads Audrey turned to me and said, "I love the way the rain smells."

Eli and I had a lengthy kick around with an AFL (Aussie Rules) ball on Saturday afternoon. It didn't matter to Eli that the other two boys who joined in with us, Matt and Max were three or four years older than him. It mattered even less to him that they both had down syndrome (Matt could kick the ball a hell of a long way, even though Eli often scampered to get to stray balls quicker than both of the other boys could).

It's times like this when I miss you most dear Amy. I know you would have been so proud of our children.

I often think of you 'watching over us'. I sometimes look up when I pull our car onto the driveway of our house expecting to see you waiting for us at the window, or bending over, pulling up weeds from our lawn. But of course I never get to see you smiling back, and my heart sinks again for the millionth time.

On occasions though I realise how much you live on through the kids my love, I can see so much of your beauty in their characters and how much they are shaped by you.

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