Sunday, June 19, 2016

Things I Know to be True

I won tickets to a wonderful performance of Things I know to be True - a joint production by the State Theatre of SA and Frantic Assembly (a UK company).

I really wanted to see it, so I took Audrey along with me (Eli slept over at his mates). I'd read a couple of reviews before we went warning of bad language in the play (Audrey and I had a chat beforehand) but I wasn't expecting the transgender part of the story which left the two of us having a bit of a lengthy (but ultimately very good) in-depth discussion about the subject, in the interval.

The play itself was fabulous, Tilda Cobham-Hervey who played the part of Rosie (pictured) was terrific and I'm sure she will go onto really big things. There was a series of monologues throughout which were excellently performed and basically led to most of the audience variously crying or laughing throughout. The play was devised around a chain of events and story within a family from Adelaide.

Both Audrey and I really enjoyed it. I'm not really sure whether given the language it was all that suitable fare for an 8 year old but Audrey took it all in and was glad she went (if only for the lemonade from the bar) and she hasn't dropped any of the swear words into conversation since the play. The production is about to tour the UK (albeit I think with different actors. Try and see it if its playing near where you live.

"I know what grief tastes like - it's bitter
I know what grief sounds like - it's LOUD"

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