Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ski trip to Corin Forest

Canberra is pretty close to the ski fields - probably a two and a half hour drive gets you to Perisher or Thredbo. They're both lovely places and we've also had a few trips out to the family-friendly Selwyn as well.

This year though nearby Corin Forest got in on the act and opened up their own ski slope. The area does get natural snow but they also have quite a number of snow machines. We've been a couple of times before as it's only a short 40 minute drive out of town and is much easier to reach than the 'proper' snow fields.

This weekend was the first that the skiing was open to the public. We've put off having ski lessons for a couple of years (they are ludicrously expensive) but I decided the time was right and so we headed along.

As it turned out there was a lot of rain forecast (we successfully dodged it) but the rest of Canberra had pretty much stayed at home. It meant we had the snow (and instructor) to ourselves. Both Audrey and Eli absolutely loved skiing. I was so pleased as I wasn't sure how they would take to it, but both were really confident. Being a new venture it was also lovely that all the equipment (helmets, skis and boots) were brand new and so didn't have the (sometimes musty) smell of hire equipment that you usually get when you go ten pin bowling, skating etc. Here's some pictures of our day, which we rounded off by eating hot chocolate and marshmallows in the wooden lodge (with open fire) that stands at the bottom of the slope.

Eli slides out
Happy faces

Alex our instructor
about to head down the slope for the first time

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