Monday, March 7, 2016

Manuka Pool

We've been enjoying spectacularly warm weather for the time of year. The last couple of weeks have been in the 30s which is unusual as it's now Autumn in Canberra.

On Sunday the three of us headed off to Manuka Pool. It's a 'heritage' pool in a nice part of town built in 1931 and so the architecture is all very art deco. It also kind of runs in it's own time warp and extends its heritage theme to only allowing you to pay for your entrance in cash (even though it's not very cheap to get in) and the pool closes throughout the winter months (even closing just before the Easter/school holidays). I'm not sure, but some of the snacks on sale at the kiosk may also have been there since 1931.

Still I guess running an outdoor pool must be fairly precarious. There must be some days when they get hardly anyone along.

It IS a lovely spot though. When the kids were smaller we spent a couple of summers parked out on the lovely lawns under shady trees that surround the toddler pool. The 'bigger' pool was a bit out of bounds then, but now is obviously the main focus for Audrey and Eli.

Being at the end of the summer the water temperature was lovely - perfect for cooling you down on a hot day, but not too freezing that you look like a sissy trying to get the water over your bellybutton.

We spent a lovely afternoon there and ran into a few school friends too which was great. Again, I'm sure we could have spent the whole evening there, but of course it closes at 5pm. sharp.

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