Sunday, February 14, 2016

New School Term

The new term began at the start of February. I was so grateful for the help given by friends during the school holidays. The logistical planning of juggling six weeks holidays while working full time was fairly overwhelming at times.

We did the annual school photo (camera balanced on the wheely bin).... in fact I still maintain that the wheely bin is probably the best photographer in the family. I told the kids that even though they hated posing for it, when the time comes they'll do the same with their kids if/when they had any. They asked me why and I answered; 'You just will'. A range of images of me and my brothers stood next to a blackboard with the date on it bears testimony to my answer.

As well as a lot of other things, times like this are hard as I can't help thinking that Amy is missing out on things like this. She'd have loved seeing how 'grown up' the kids are now and she'd approved that I shelled out on Clarks shoes this time around (rather than the Aldi ones I made them wear last term).

I like to think Amy's still watching out for us.

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