Monday, May 18, 2015

Eli's 6th Birthday Party

Audrey and Eli ran from the piñata with hands full of sweets, carefully counting them to make sure that they both had an even share. Meanwhile other kids bounced energetically on the jumpy castle and in the opposite corner of the hall on the large Scalextric Digital track cars buzzed round the figure eight frequently smashing into each other and disappearing over crash barriers and smacking the hard floor beneath.

 Eli turned six a couple of weeks ago and as part of his ongoing celebrations I had arranged a joint party with his little mate Aidan. The school had kindly lent us use of the school hall free of charge and numerous kids ran madly around variously excitedly running to zombie themed party games or eating party food. There was also face painting and dancing!

I made not one, but two cakes and Eli came home with masses of presents. It was lovely seeing my little boy turn six. Our first birthday party without Amy, but despite that sadness everything went well, just amazing that our little baby boy is so grown up now!

Eli's Scalextric Cake


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