Monday, April 27, 2015

Born to ride

Get your pedals runnin'
Head out on the bike path
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes your way!

Audrey loves riding her bike - it's quite an obsession with her - she graduated from her training wheels (stabilisers) quite a while ago and loved pedalling her Barbie bike (secured for $10 from the tip) around, particularly at the cycling facility at Stromlo Forest Park.

The Barbie Bike has grown ever-smaller though as Audrey has got older, and inspired by a couple of her mates (who have now got 'gear' bikes) Audrey would occasionally bring up the subject of wanting a 'gear' bike of her own. I was going to hold onto her birthday, but recently I've felt like it's more of an imperative(!)

I'd been scouring the internet for one and then on Sunday we took a drive to the north of the city and bought a second number. The bike is light blue and white (with a dash of purple) which has taken over from pink in most little girl's palettes - clearly influenced by Frozen - but frankly not before time.

The bike came with seven gears, and though it took a few minutes for Audrey to get used to the larger wheel size she quickly mastered the gears and kept challenging me to guess the gear she was riding in.

We've since had two trips back and forth to school on our bikes. She builds up quite a speed - she looks very much at home on two wheels! 

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