Saturday, August 16, 2014

National Science Week - Dr Graham Blow Up Science

I took Audrey and her mate Sophia along to Dr. Graham's Blow Up Science - a fabulous hour of free science put on at the Australian National University as part of Science week.

Dr. Graham was a great entertainer and had great fun with nitrogen (exploding huge balloons using the vapour given off by the chemical) and hydrogen (blowing up stuff). In between he fired ping pong balls from a leaf blower and marshmallows from a vacuum cleaner (they went a LONG way)

The two girls spent a fair amount of time cowering under their seats. The show's climax was a huge explosion where Dr. Graham exploded a coke bottle and covered the explosion with soft toys (most of which ended up decapitated by the bang). A really nice afternoon out.

waiting for the show to start.
a BIG bang!

making clouds by adding boiling water to nitrogen

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