Monday, August 18, 2014

Audrey's 7th Birthday

Audrey had been excited all week in the lead up to her 7th birthday party.
In truth her party was relatively ‘low-key’ a pizza lunch at nearby Hellenic Club with a few of her mates, which compared to some of the other grand birthday productions we’ve been to as guests during the last seven years, hardly registered as a party at all.

In the build up to the party the number of guests had swelled dramatically from an initial two to six (nine kids in all once you added in siblings) still, it was a manageable number and meant we could easily accommodate a grown-up’s and kid’s table.

Audrey had added in the requirement to come dressed as a Princess and had constructed a written party-plan of party games, party food and the requirement for people to come both for lunch and evening meal(!) All of which were in her head not ours!

Her mates came – dressed up as princesses and they all had a crazy time on the ball-pool/climbing frame area in the club. There are much bigger climbing frame/ball park places in Canberra but Audrey seems to like it at the Hellenic so who were we to argue?

Audrey sported an Elsa (from Frozen) dress. Elsa is a BIG hit amongst girls aged 3-10 and all of Australia’s toy shops were sold out of dresses which had driven me to make my own using our sewing machine. The material cost me less than $20, but the two evenings I spent swearing and trying to drive the sewing machine made the dress much more valuable than the money I paid for it. Either way Audrey loved it, wore it proudly and looked beautiful in it.

We had a few tears at the end from the party-girl (when people started to leave and Audrey realised that her guests weren’t going to stay for 24 hours) but she soon got over it. Presents and party bags were exchanged and everyone headed home.

Audrey started planning her 8th birthday almost immediately.

Audrey in her Elsa dress

"Frozen" Birthday cake

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